A Skin-Refining Slab That's Truly Wunderbar

Every now and then, a new product shows up on my desk, and I can instantly detect its cult-following potential. It had been a while since those alarms went off, but then, the adorable and very aptly named wonderbar arrived.

I have a weird obsession with bars of soap, and before doing my research, I gladly assumed that the wonderbar was just another block o' cleanser. In my defense, its charmingly unassuming presentation makes that an easy misinterpretation. But even though it lathers and cleanses, the wonderbar is way more than soap. In fact, it's not soap at all.

There are two key ingredients in the wonderbar: chlorey'nahre and moor. The former is a special algae derivative, and the latter is an expensive Austrian mud (clay) that encompasses the essences of more than 700 herbs. Together, this blend is said to improve skin in almost every conceivable way: firming, minimizing pores, moisturizing, brightening, balancing, softening, fighting free radicals, controlling acne, lightening discoloration, reducing rosacea redness-you name it.

If you're like me, you're thinking, There must be a catch. And in fact, there is. Wondeux, the brains behind the wonderbar, are open about that catch, because it's all part of the beautifying process. The catch is something called the "healing crisis," a period of true detoxification of the skin that may result in temporary dryness, itching, or a breakout. But once those toxins are out, the next phase is remarkably radiant skin.

Not everyone goes through the "healing crisis," but knowing my luck, I definitely will. That's why I haven't started using it yet-I don't want to be broken-out on New Year's Eve! But the very next day, I'll be making the wonderbar a major part of my skincare regimen, and I'll keep you updated on my skin's evolution!

In the meantime, if you've tried wonderbar, let us know by leaving a comment below.