Keep Skin Clean Between Active-Ingredient Washes

When you're using a cleanser with active ingredients, sometimes skin needs a break-whether it's one day off or one week off. But during that time, you don't want to sabotage your results with the wrong alternative.

One cleanser you can almost never go wrong with is the Lemon Cream Cleanser from Sanitas. As delightful to use as the title implies, this face wash doesn't slack when it comes to nourishing skin.

Lipophilic vitamins C and E protect your complexion with antioxidant power, boost collagen and keep it calm. Meanwhile hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil keep skin soft and hydrated, which is especially important when active acids make skin drier than usual.

Fresh and full of botanicals, Lemon Cream Cleanser thoroughly purifies skin while maintaining-and adding to-the advantages of your usual cleanser. The only catch? You'll love it enough to want to use it every day!