The Key To Convenient Lip Gloss

What don't you leave the house without? Your cell phone? Wallet? Keys? Lip gloss? Forgetting any of those can feel like an emergency, but Bloom is about to make at least two of those must-haves a little easier to always have.

Too adorable for words, the Micro Mini Lip Gloss Keychain is one of the smartest beauty-on-the-go products we know. Attached to a silver-tone keychain engraved with the Bloom logo is a miniature version of the brand's super-shiny gloss in one of four easy-to-wear colors.

Much more than just convenient and cute, this gloss is enriched with essential oils of mandarin and vanilla, making it as nourishing as it is flattering.

And as long as you remember your keys, you know you'll always have a way to refresh your look!