Innovative Skin-Cell Science In An Indulgent Cream

Many modern moisturizers attempt to fight aging with antioxidants-and that's definitely a must. However, according to a new high-performance beauty brand from Canada, there's an underlying cause of aging that usually goes unaddressed: mitochondrial deterioration.

The entire Glissandra line addresses the decay of these fundamental organelles, but we're especially drawn to their Face Cream. Like its sister products, the Face Cream features a proprietary complex that supports and enhances mitochondria's energy-producing function, consequently slowing down skin aging.

In addition to a host of peptides, including Matrixyl 3000, the formula keeps up with the free-radical fighting skincare trend by heavily incorporating schisandra berry. This staple in Chinese medicine acts as an adaptogen that, in addition to supplying its own antioxidant power, prompts your skin to stimulate its own.

Glissandra's marriage of traditional and emerging skin science is especially impressive when presented in such a luxurious moisturizer. The Face Cream is a pleasure to apply, and an even bigger pleasure to see skin gradually approve in appearance.