Instant Eyebrows From A Smart Stamp Set

We've never been ones to advocate completely removing one's eyebrows, but some women do choose to do so, and others don't have a choice when a medical condition leads to their loss. Drawing brows back on can be an extremely difficult art, but most people choose even an amateur arch over a brow-free forehead.

So when we heard about Stamp Me Fabulous Eyebrow Stamps, we had a why-didn't-I-think-of-that moment. This kit takes the guesswork out of recreating a realistic, groomed eyebrow by using clear plastic stamps, semi-permanent pens in a variety of natural colors, and a little mineral powder.

You have the option of repositioning the stamp into a number of arch shapes, directed by little black guide lines. The stamps mimic the look of little hairs, so you can keep it looking natural, or you can add the mineral powder for a soft-yet-polished finish.

Stamp Me Fabulous takes a little practice, but you'll master it far faster than freehand brow-drawing-and it will always look better!

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    What a brilliant invention. Age, illness and even really blond hair can leave ladies with little to no brows. At least 50% of my clients (and 90% of my more mature clients) require some filling in the brow. And those with little to no brow, even if they wear no other make up, still add in their brows. Why? Because they anchor the face. I think this product could be a lifesaver for women who don't 'feel like themselves' without eyebrows.

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