Do The Wave In A Whole New Way

Have you ever noticed how naturally straight-haired celebrities can show up on at events with hair that doesn't just look curly-it looks naturally curly. It's missing that telltale artificial ringlet look that the rest of us can't seem to escape when we use a regular curling iron. But that's just it-a lot of stars aren't using regular curling irons.

Many red-carpet regulars-or rather, their hairstylists-have discovered an unusual alternative by Rsession Tools. Called the Nalu Waver-nalu means wave in Hawaiian-it features two 3/4-inch barrels and no clamp.

By weaving hair around and through the two rods, the size and spacing creates a more natural-looking shape, but without the frizz many naturally wavy women deal with. That smoothness is due to tourmaline, which emits shine-enhancing negative ions. Furthermore, it's enriched with antibacterial silver to keep hair from smelling burnt or dirty. Love that!

Although Nalu Wave heats up quickly and has simple hair-type settings, we can't say it's the easiest heat-styling tool we've ever used. You'll get your best results if you have a skillful friend or your stylist help you maneuver and hold it.