An Aftershave Alternative In A Genius Gel

Remember that scene in Home Alone where Macauly Culkin splashes on some aftershave and he screams bloody murder? Well, it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, aftershave doesn't even have to be a liquid.

IntelliGENTS Formula LEV8 is skingenious's answer to alcohol-spiked aftershave fluids that men often dread as much as fictional little boys in Christmas movies do. It's actually a gel, enriched with healthy-not harmful-ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe, glycerin, menthol, sandalwood, ylang yland, tangerine, lime, and even "liquid crystals" from beet and blue chamomile.

This combination does a superior job soothing and cooling just-shaved skin, leaving it calm and moisturized instead of burning or prickling. So any Home Alone reenactments will be purely for fun-never for real.