A Truly Healthy Glow From A Becoming Cream Blush

It's funny. Someone's face could be red from embarrassment or exertion, and you'd never say they look radiant at that moment, but just the right amount of healthy pink coming through on their cheeks, and they look lit from within. No wonder that's what philosophy calls their cream blush.

The supernatural lit from within healthy cream blush has got to be one of the most effective complexion enhancers we've ever had the pleasure to put on. So truly blendable, the glow-garnering formula can attribute much of its texture and finish to skin-loving ingredients like sunflower seed oil, shea butter, beeswax, jojoba and honey.

The three colors in which this cream blush is available give any skin tone a beautifully healthy look; and thanks to vitamin A, lots of minerals, antioxidant tea extract, and even a tripeptide, skin actually is healthier with each application.