An Airline Offers Implants In Exchange For Frequent Flier Miles

Finnair, Finland's biggest airline, is taking medical tourism to new heights. If using frequent-flier miles for additional flights or hotel stays bores you, and you think your appearance could use some enhancement, why not opt for one of two cosmetic surgery procedures offered in their Finnair Plus Partners loyalty program instead?

Yes, a major airline is now letting its passengers cash in accumulated miles for either breast augmentation or a hair transplant. The surgeries are performed by Helsinki's plastic-surgery-only Nordstrom Hospital, which claims to have "the world's longest experience in the best hair transplantations of today" and offer "best implants and top methods."

Both procedures, which are preceded by at least one consultation, require over 3 million points, which Finnair says can be earned through 120 round-trip, business-class flights between Helsinki and New York City.

Whether you find the offer weird or wonderful, anyone taking advantage of it-which, according to the airline, has been no one as of last month-should still do their homework on both their chosen procedure and the surgeon performing it.

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