A Speedy End To Split Ends

It doesn't matter how often I trim my hair-my ends seem immune to cutting off the oldest, unhealthiest portion of the length. As soon as one inch of raggedness is removed, what's left at the bottom is more than happy to start looking frayed. I'm not willing to keep cutting higher and higher, so I've been on the lookout for something that will smooth my seemingly endless split ends.

I found a fix in Ends Express, a repairing fluid from Wella's System Professional collection. I was surprised to see that the full-size product is less than an ounce, but only a few pumps-three or four-seems to seal my scraggly ends, giving them the look that a trim really should.

I especially love that I can use Ends Express not just on ends, as implied, but on every inch of my hair. It instantly de-puffs, so my hair looks shapely-not frizzy or excessively voluminous.

And that's an effect I hope never ends.