Turn Bathtime Into A Stress-Stopping Getaway

An escapist is someone who tries to distract themselves from the bummer of reality by engaging in something more pleasant-something that makes him or her temporarily forget the real world. Some do it with movies, some do it with vacations, some do it with shopping. We do it with something that's actually and appropriately called The Escapist.

Specifically, it's called The Escapist Cucumber + Grapefruit Bath Grains, and it's part of Portico's affordably indulgent spa collection. When poured into a bath, its minerals and salts get down to work letting you relax, refreshing you all the while with its fragrance of grapefruit, apple, lily of the valley, cucumber, and a touch of musk.

More than just a stress-releaving treat, The Escapist is laced with skin benefits, including the antioxidant benefits of grapeseed and olive leaf.

Too much escapism is typically frowned upon, but we can't see the harm in using this every chance we get.