Anti-Aging Serum From An Eyebrow Sage

By now, you surely know that Anastasia Soare is the reigning queen of brow beauty. Her eponymous cosmetics line has shown thousands of women how changing their brows can change their whole face for the better. But even Anastasia knows that brow powder can't fix fine lines.

That's where the last Anastasia Beverly Hills creation comes in. Line Erasing Serum is the line's first skincare product, but it performs like a formula that's been perfected over years and years. It features two star complexes: Instalift Goji, a Tibetan goji berry brew that reduces wrinkles and stops sagging, and the Balkan Botanical Infusion, which employs various botanical extracts to smooth and soften skin.

In addition to moisturizing hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory chrysin, it's worth noting that Line Erasing Serum has several different fast-working and effective peptides that start making a major difference soon after application.

And that's what we love about all Anastasia products: you don't have to wait to see a more beautiful version of yourself.