Spray Away The Whole Family's Knots And Frizz

Doesn't it seem like most products considered "detanglers" are aimed at small children? It's always been a mystery to us, since we've never outgrown the need for that service.

Although we don't actively seek out baby products to write about on DailyBeauty, we couldn't not tell you about the detangler we recently found. The bottle indicates it's intended "for babies and up," and we're pretty sure we fit the "and up" bill, so technically it's for us grown-ups too.

Original Sprout offers a self-professed Miracle Detangler, a lotion that can be sprayed on wet or dry hair to quickly release the knots that plague anyone in the family. The vegan formula contains a strengthening, frizz-fighting combination of linseed, panthenol, vitamin E, aloe, rosemary and basil-the latter are even known to repel lice.

The brand may have given even more thought to what's left out than what's included. Aside from a lack of rumored hormone manipulators like phytoestrogens and parabens, they even omitted ingredients that might attract bugs, like honey and fruit.

We're really grateful that Original Sprout has an online shopping site, because even childless NewBeauty staffers want to get their hands on this humidity-blocking spray-and we just can't justify shopping in a bricks-and-mortar kids section!