Apple Stem Cells Each Day Keep The Wrinkles Away

Here at NewBeauty, we have a keen sense of foresight when it comes to rising skincare trends. But even we were surprised by the number of brands that have started including one unexpected botanical extract in their advanced anti-aging formulas.

The increasingly trendy extract of which we speak is a special type of stem cell from uttwiler spatlauber, an Swiss apple. And it's the star ingredient in, amongst several products out there, Lather's smoothing, radiance-reviving Swiss Apple Wrinkle Remedy.

This endangered apple cultivar has a remarkably long lifespan compared to other apples, fruits and plants in general, offering proteins and phytonutrients throughout its existence. That's why stem cells from its fluid are so in-demand, as they transfer that resilience to your skin.

With a twice-a-day routine, this paraben-free formula reduces wrinkle depth and increases cell renewal with a little help from moisture-locking hyaluronic acid and nourishing niacinamide. Your skin looks fresher and smoother than... well... an apple's!