A Silk-Spiked Shampoo And Conditioner Duo

Finish this phrase: "Smooth as..."

We'd bet a lot of you said "silk." After all, you've probably heard more than one product promise to make your hair feel that way. But how many actually include silk to help make it happen?

It happens to be in both the shampoo and conditioner from Alagio's Silk Obsession collection. This frizz-fighting duo is outstanding at smoothing harried hair.

Silk Smoothing Shampoo contains silk in two forms, protein and amino acids, which work in harmony with vitamins A, B5 and E, honey, rosemary and citrus extracts like lime and grapefruit to lock out humidity and seal the cuticle.

After washing, Silk Smoothing Conditioner, featuring the same silk extracts, boosts shine and strength with the help of wheat protein and shea butter.

The melon-scented formulas repair hair in an undeniably noticeable way, leaving you with smoothness instead of stress.