An Invisible Serum For Invincible Shine

English might have not been Kim Vo's first language-he was born in Vietnam and raised in Europe-but we have a feeling even he knows that the name of one of his most wondrous styling products is an oxymoron: Dry Serum. When you think about it, it doesn't make sense; but when you use it, makes perfect sense.

Hairstylist to celebrities and now celebrity hairstylist, Kim Vo has created a product that virtually disappears, leaving behind no evidence of its presence, except for the wonderful way it makes your hair behave. It gives strands glossiness without gooeyness, thanks to a sugary, shine-enhancing botanical called boket, or honey locust bean, and a blend of Chinese cabbage and tung oil to help distribute the formula in a weightless, even way.

A couple paragraphs ago, we called Perfect Polish Dry Serum a styling product; but truth be told, it's just as much a treatment. A breakthrough seaweed-derived antioxidant known as Kimarine protects coated hair from UV and environmental harm, giving it a head start against dulling, frizz-inducing damage.

But even if you hair is already feeling-and showing-the effects of damage, this undetectable polishing potion will fool onlookers into thinking your locks have always been lovely.