The Tiny Toothbrush You Won't Go Out Without

Some people are willing to carry around a full-sized toothbrush and toothpaste; but as wise as it is to brush after every meal and snack, we've wanted an easier, less awkward way to clean our teeth and freshen our breath.

Colgate grants that wish with their ingenious Wisp.

Just a fraction of the size of a normal toothbrush, Wisp brushes are disposable tools that don't require water. You sweep the bristles along your teeth like a regular brush, and this activates the built-in freshening bead, which dissolves upon contact.

The other end of this discreet little implement, which comes in three flavors, features a soft yet firm pick that safely dislodges food and other particles from hard-to-reach places, getting them out before they lead to breath-worsening bacteria.

We love that we don't have to stop everything we're doing to find a bathroom, use our hand as a cup, and brush away our lipstick as we clean our teeth. Instead, Wisp is a little one-use wonder that makes a fresh, clean smile far more convenient than we'd ever hoped for.