Renewed Interest In A Still-Shining Old Favorite

If memory serves, my very first makeup item was CoverGirl LipSlicks. I can still see the lavender tube in my sixth-grade hands 20 years ago. Actually, I can still see the lavender tube at the drugstore, because this wholly underrated lip gloss is still around!

With all of the amazing (and not-so-amazing) products that come my way, it's easy to forget old faithfuls like LipSlicks. But a CoverGirl coupon sparked a recent trip to their section of the makeup aisle at Walgreens, and I found myself wanting nothing more than one of these simple sources of shiny, sheer color.

In fact, to my surprise, there was a color I'd never noticed before: Hipster. I've been called that word a time or two, so even though the name didn't make it even remotely clear what the hue would be, I bought it out of discounted curiosity.

I'm pleased to report that Hipster is a mauvey-burgundy neutral that, more than coloring lips, enhances their natural color and glow. I found myself reapplying it even when I didn't really need to, just get that naturally plump, moisturized, hint-of-tint look.

The variety available at my Walgreens is apparently only a fraction of the colors they make-some new, some not so new-so I may have to place a pretty big internet order. But even if I wanted to buy the whole collection, it wouldn't cost more than $50!

At under $4 a pop, LipSlicks remain one of the best deals in makeup-coupon or not. And if you ask me, they also remain one of the best products, too.