An Undefinably Brilliant Hair Helper

Sometimes a name is enough to grab our attention. Such is the case with miracle leave-in product by it's a 10. And luckily, what it does kept our attention-raptly.

See, the reason it's called miracle leave in product, and not something more specific, is because it does so much. Conditioner or treatment or spray just wouldn't have cut it. In accordance with the brand's name, miracle leave in product offers 10 different benefits: shine, detangling, frizz control, damage repair, color defense, body, silkiness, breakage prevention, split-end stoppage, and heat-styling protection.

That may seem like a lot for a spray, but miracle leave-in product is actually a rich cream formula that just happens to be sprayable. With every spritz, your hair gets a beautifying dose of panthenol, silk amino acids, sunflower seed extract, and coumarin.

As your hair dries, naturally or with heat assistance, you see it take the shape of healthier-looking locks. Pretty miraculous for a vague product, no?

And this month, actress and breast-cancer survivor Christina Applegate is teaming with It's A 10 for a special pink-bottled version of miracle leave-in product to raise money for Right Action for Women, which educates women about being at high risk of breast cancer and provides financial assistance to cover advance breast screenings.