Exfoliation And Environmental Defense From A Designer Face Wash

Exfoliation is absolutely necessary in order to achieve clear skin. If dead cells are left to build up, they'll gladly wedge themselves into your pores and prompt breakouts. But the environment plays an important role in the cleanness of your complexion, too, which is why Chanel's latest face-washing formula addresses both factors.

We told you about new Chanel's Purete products last year, and recently, they added to the impurity-expelling collection with Mousse Exfoliante Purete Exfoliating Cleansing Foam. Ideal for oily and combination skin types, the frothy formula features the exfoliating beads you've come to expect from this category of cleanser. However, Chanel says it's not enough to just slough.

Truly clean skin comes when pollutants have been eliminated. This is accomplished by Mousse Exfoliante Purete's tulip tree extract, which traps impurities and stops them from doing damage. Along with oil-controlling meadowsweet, it keeps your skin healthfully balanced.

Your complexion achieves a new level of freshness, devoid of excess sebum, straggling cells and environmental offenders.