Healthier Hair From A Light Leave-In Lotion

It's always wise to read the entire bottle before applying a product. Case in point: Paul Labrecque Repair Style Hydrating Hair Lotion landed on my desk, and I immediately pumped some into my hands and ran it through my long locks. Then I read the back and saw phrases like "leave-in conditioning" and "protects against blow drying." Oops.

But even though it's not intended for already-dry strands, the lotion didn't drag down or stiffen my hair. Instead, I got a preview of its rejuvenating ability.

Its blend of carrageenan, hibiscus, seaweed, aloe and lavender do wonders for damaged, dry hair-dry, as in parched, not the opposite of wet-by improving its elasticity, shine and softness. Hair naturally looks shinier and bouncier as a result of this healthy boost of hydration, as well as strengthening doses of vitamin E, panthenol and proteins.

Next time I apply this light, sweet-scented formula-tomorrow, probably-I'll be sure to follow the directions. And smoother, healthier-looking hair is sure to follow.