Spray It, Sam. Spray It For Old Time's Sake.

I've never been to Casablanca. Even sadder, I've never even seen Casablanca. But as of today, I'm wearing Casablanca.

Heaven's Alchemy is an up-and-coming perfumery defined by worldliness-and quite literally. Their collection of glamorous, gorgeously bottled fragrances are inspired by and named after some of the most intriguing cities on the planet. And the one that caught my eye-or nose, rather-is Casablanca.

Even though I have absolutely no experience with Morocco's largest city or the epic eponymous movie, this perfume instantly spoke to me. Hints of spices, vanilla and musk surround an intoxicating blend of flowers, including rose, gardenia, jasmine, and my personal favorite, tuberose.

Presented in a breathtaking crystal bottle that you'll surely hold onto long after the last drop, Casablanca is spellbinding and dramatic, yet utterly wearable. I should know-I've been wearing it since a sample found its way to my desk. It already feels like a part of me, and compliments keep coming.

This weekend, I think I'll dab a little on while finally watching Bogart and Bergman in that 1942 film favorite.