Recapture The Hair Health That Chemicals Stole

Restitutive is the kind of word you expect to see in the verbal portion of the SAT-not on a hair product. But in all fairness, it does refer to an ability to restore something to its original state, which is exactly what Silky Hair Care's Restitutive Mask does.

It's virtually impossible to emerge from a chemical treatment unscathed. Although you may achieve the color or texture you want, your hair is likely to enter a compromised state. That's where the Restitutive Mask comes in. This professional-level product hydrates hair and scalp back to health.

Not only does hair feel softer, its keratinic structure returns to normal, giving you back flexibility, shine, and a balanced pH. You'll even see less static.

Damage is almost inevitable when your hair is forced to handle chemicals, but as long as you have this formulaically-and linguistically-sophisticated formula on hand-and on hair-you can always get back what you lost.