Color-Coded Leave-In Conditioners

No matter your hair color, your locks could look better with a leave-in conditioner. But instead of using a one-size-fits-all formula, you could enrich your hair's radiance with shade-specific treatments.

Ojon just introduced the Restorative Leave-In Treatment trio. Each one enhances the softness and smoothness of every strand with exotic oils of babassu, buriti, crambe seed, macadamia and passion fruit. But depending on which hue you use-Blonde, Brunette or Red-you'll be getting a color-determined dose of appropriate ingredients.

Restorative Leave-In Treatment for blondes relies on mangosteen, a fruit known for its yellow pigment, to get hair more golden. The brunette version calls reishi mushroom and magnolia bark for their dark tones and antioxidant protection. And the red variety features a highly pigmented red algae, astaxanthin.

Instead of just fighting frizz like other leave-in formulas, these damage-diminishing conditioners beautify the boldness of your color with naturally effective extracts.