Eyelash Glue That Flexes Its Mussels

Are you a fan of false lashes but not the formaldehyde often found in the glue? We don't blame you. The preservative can cause contact dermatitis in people with sensitive skin, which is especially aggravating in the eye area. But now, a new marine component could be the most effective alternative we've seen in a long time.

A collaboration between a Korean cosmetics company and a maker of biocompatible materials will bring an eyelash glue to the market that gets its stickiness from mussel adhesive protein, or MAP. This compound is, put simply, the goo that mussels use to stick to rocks in bodies of water.

Many experts believe that, despite regulations, higher-than-allowed levels of formaldehyde can be present in the glues we use for both false lashes and eyelash extensions; so an option that's as skin-friendly as it is eco-friendly will be a welcome alternative to lash lovers.