The Most Serene Massage Experience

If you're looking to achieve the optimal state of relaxation and serenity, get yourself over to the newly opened Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Their Imperiale Massage is a serene experience not to be missed.

This 90-minute massage masterpiece, inspired by the brand's Eau de Cologne Imperiale, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation as it promotes oxygen flow within tissues to create a more tranquil feeling in the mind and body.

The head-to-toe multisensory massage, which is based on muscle pressure massage techniques, is choreographed so that each step of the treatment is repeated a certain number of times, putting you in what Guerlain calls an "anti-stress cocoon."

Guerlain Spas can also be found in Florida, France, Hong Kong and South Korea.