Shampoo That Makes Going Gray Oh-So Gorgeous

When hair goes gray, many women feel pressure to color it into submission. But if you're lucky enough to grow silvery-white strands, they can look so very lovely-just look at Carmen Dell'Orefice-if you just take good care of them.

One way to ensure you're getting the most glow out of your grays is by using Klorane's Silver Highlights Shampoo. This gently scented cleanser features extract of centaurea-the cornflower family-which simultaneously brightens the silver and white shades in your hair while lessening yellow tones.

The opalescent formula also features amino acids from wheat. These helps soften gray hair, which can become dry and brittle.

It definitely takes self-assurance to go au naturel when the gray grows in. But with a little patience and a lot of this shampoo, you'll find yourself confidently flipping your locks like you did in your more colorful youth.