Do You Know Where To Find Edible Antioxidants?

Much has been reported about the value and importance of antioxidants and incorporating them in your diet and beauty products. Free radicals can cause inflammation, damage and disease, and antioxidants are vital because they fight these free radicals.

Think you know where to find antioxidants? You may be surprised where they're hiding. Here are four unexpected examples...

Vitamin C: You know it's found in citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, but you can also get it from sweet red peppers, plantains, broccoli, kale and potatoes.

Vitamin A: You know it's found in liver, fish oil and eggs, but you can also find it in pumpkin and mozzarella cheese.

Vitamin E: You know it's found in nuts and avocados, but you can also get it from ginger, soy-based mayonnaise, and asparagus.

Selenium: This mineral is widely known to be in fish, red meat, chicken, grains and eggs, but you'll also find it in garlic.