Alleviating Lotions For Before And After Hair Removal

If you're treating hair removal as a single step, you're probably all too familiar with pain and inflammation. Add a step before and a step after, however, and it makes the experience significantly more pleasant.

Specifically, we're talking about the two lotions created by Sun Maita to flank any waxing, shaving or threading treatment: Feel Less and The Closer.

Feel Less comes first, offering the maximum amount of benzocaine permitted in a non-prescription formula. With a little help from menthol, the 10% concentration of the topical anesthetic desensitizes skin so you're more comfortable as hair is being pulled from its roots. Ideal for sensitive skin-and whose isn't during hair removal?-the non-greasy formula needs just a few minutes to prepare the area for liftoff.

After you've gone from hair to bare, The Closer ensures a quick cancellation of any inflammation you may have. Its active ingredient, neomycin, acts as an antibiotic barrier. Sealing off pores from external irritations, this post-pluck lotion also includes glycerin and oat protein to give skin a smooth, soothed, soft finish.

Both Feel Less and The Closer won't clog pores or drip from where you applied them. And whether you use them as part of Sun Maita's Threader Kit-which is very cool, by the way-or as a supplement to your current hair-removal routine, you'll find yourself flinching and icing far less.