The First Fragrance From A Famous Makeup Artist

Later this week, you'll be able to experience an exciting cosmetic crossover: makeup artist Mally Roncal, whose following went from a few celebrities to millions of Americans thanks to QVC, is introducing her first fragrance.

Mally's Signature Fragrance is much more than a few notes Mally likes together. The simultaneously tart and powdery scent has a very personal, meaningful twist. One of the top notes is sampaguita, a type of jasmine whose name means "I promise you." It can be found blooming and wilting in just 24 hours in the Phillipines, the country from which Mally's family originates.

The sampaguita is surrounded by bamboo, mandarin, palm leaf and red currant, and supported by freesia, lily of the valley, peony, coconut, musk, peach and sandalwood. Together, they create a bright, bubbly scent that may very well reflect its namesake better than any other eponymous celebrity fragrance we know of.

Look for Mally's Signature Fragrance on and starting this Wednesday.