A Pristine Bikini Area From A Revved-Up Razor

Schick has amazing timing. Just as I determined that bikini waxing appointments didn't fit into my shrunken budget, they introduced the Schick Quattro for Women Trim Style.

I avoided this double-ended invention for a while, foolishly letting myself become intimidated by those who poked fun at its purpose. But then I remembered that I'm not the least bit conservative, not to mention due for a touch-up, so when my mother picked one up for me-my mother isn't very conservative, either-I gladly accepted.

The only hair-removal gadget of its kind (at least in my memory), Trim Style features one end with four thin blades, enhanced by aloe and vitamins for the smoothest, closest-possible shave. The other end is a battery-powdered, waterproof trimmer with adjustable length settings.

Ideal for those of us who like to leave a little behind, it makes getting a neat, as-bare-as-you-care look easy and affordable. Even if professional waxing becomes a financially friendly option for me in the future, I may not stray from this shower-centric option.