Stem Cell Synergy In A Youth-Preserving Serum

Embryos aren't the only organisms that have stem cells. In fact, they're not even limited to humans and animals-flora is full of these undifferentiated cells, and their potential in skincare is seemingly endless.

BABOR harnesses the power and possibilities of botanical stem cells-specifically, those of a rare Swiss apple-in their new Skinovage Nanocell Age Protecting Serum, in order to extend the lifespan of your skin's own stem cells. A brilliant way to implement a biotechnological breakthrough, the formula essentially zeroes in on what's youthful about your skin and makes it last that much longer.

Perfect for those who are just starting to show signs of aging, Age Protecting Serum also helps to restructure skin, plumping it from within for a smoother, firmer appearance.

But with those external and internal stem cells working in concert to keep you looking youthful, there will be fewer lines to plump in the long run.