Get A Green Thumb... And Pinky And Ring Finger, Etc.

And the award for Unlikeliest Beauty Trend To Be Adopted By Anyone Other Than Teenagers goes to: green nail polish! Something you've always had access to at the drugstore has suddenly become a fashionista favorite, with options ranging from light to dark, cheap to steep.

Right in the middle of the price span is a NewBeauty staff favorite called Here Today ... Aragon Tomorrow, a deep forest green from OPI's fall España collection. We all took notice when National Sales Coordinator Caroline Davis started obsessing over just a picture of it, and she happily reports that it's just as fabulous on her fingernails. "It's dark enough that it's not too obvious, but vibrant enough that you still feel like you are wearing something special," Caroline says. "It's a fun fall color-perfect for the new season."

We also love a lacquer that's virtually impossible to get our hands on-or get on our hands. Last month, Chanel introduced a new shade of Le Vernis Nail Colour called Jade, which truly resembles the color of the stone, and it's already sold out on There's a fraction of a chance you'll find this mesmerizing hue at Chanel's Soho boutique in NYC, but your best bet is to start sifting through eBay.

Luckily, there are plenty of green polishes available at the most affordable level, like Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in Jumpin' Jade, a dark, sparkly teal. There's also Hard Candy, now at Walmart, whose Just Nails nail color comes in a dusky yet shimmering emerald shade.

In fact, we may like Hard Candy's appropriately named Envy best of all-it's the only one that comes with a matching ring!