A Floral Fragrance With An Ironic Moniker

Call us crazy, but when we received a sample of Morgane Le Fay's eau de parfum Violet, we kind of expected one of the notes to be, well, violet. However, despite numerous floral elements, violet is absent-an omission almost as curious as the beaker-esque design of the bottle.

This is no oversight, though. Violet, in all of its violetlessness, is as perfect as a perfume can be. The blend of bergamot, sweet orange and fig make it enticingly juicy, while jasmine, tuberose, lily of the valley, geranium, carnation, iris, ylang ylang, osmanthus and two kinds of gardenia please any nose that prefers palpable floral fragrances. Musk and vanilla fill in the foundation and keep the overall tone calm and mellifluous.

Could Morgane Le Fay have included violet without ruining Violet? Probably. But the way each and every note is identifiable throughout the wearing would make the entire experience different if another facet was added-and we love it just the way it is.