Vitamin C Takes A Star Turn In A Capable Cream

We understand why sanitas named their softening, nourishing moisturizer Topical C. After all, it features a high concentration of vitamin C-the lipophilic variety, meaning it meshes with our skin's lipids. But here's where we're a bit confused: this face cream has pretty potent doses of vitamins A, D and E, too, but they don't get any titular love.

Two different incarnations of E curtail redness and irritation, while D strengthens skin's immunity and helps stabilize cell growth with the help of A, which also works to firm skin. Aren't those qualities worth an honorable mention in a subtitle or something?

Nevertheless, we have to admit, it really is the C that's truly pulling its weight. Not only does it supply antioxidant-rich moisture with a little help from A and E, it independently accelerates the healing process, diminishing the evidence of burned, chapped and scarred skin. And we'd be remiss not to note its ability to reduce wrinkles.

Vitamin C surely earns the spotlight in this sanitas must-have, but be sure to give credit where credit is due-to all of the vitamins involved-when you start seeing results.