A Rapid Remedy For Every Under-Eye Issue

When it comes to eye-area skin, there's a delicate balance of desirable volume: you want it to be plump, not puffy. There's a fine line between the two-not to mention fine lines under and around your eyes-so you'll need a formula that gets it just right-and fast.

If you ask us, the Detox Eye Roller by new brand First Aid Beauty should be deemed medically necessary for anyone plagued by multiple under-eye concerns. Hyaluronic acid and peptides moisturize and smooth to fill in fine lines; meanwhile, puffiness is reduced by the lymph-curbing metal roller-ball applicator and caffeine, which also constricts the blood vessels that contribute to dark circles. The slightest touch of light-diffusing shimmer makes the area look even brighter.

For such a tiny bottle, the impact is a huge. You may not keep it in your first-aid kit, but this petite panacea surely deserves a front-and-center spot in your medicine cabinet.