What Are Those White Under-Eye Bumps?

If you're plagued by small, white bumps under your eyes that look almost like whiteheads, chances are they're milia. Similar to whiteheads, milia have a thin layer of skin that grows over them, make them hard like a cyst and difficult to remove.

Milia form when the skin is unable to naturally exfoliate itself, trapping dead cells. They are often the result of using skincare products around the eye area that are too rich or heavy, which is why it's important to use creams, gels and serums formulated specifically for this area.

Another bad habit that can cause milia to form is not removing all of your eye makeup, which can be laden with oil and pore-clogging ingredients. Leaving it on, especially when you sleep, allows for dirt and bacteria to get trapped within the skin.

Ultimately, the best way to get rid of milia is to have them professionally extracted by your dermatologist.

  • pumpkin
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    I had one and I rubbed coconut oil on it and it disappeared within a week--honest to God. Good Luck ladies !!!

  • Daisy
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    Can these just go away on they're own? Because i have one under my eye & i have had it for AT LEAST 3 months.

  • Edit
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    How can you get rid of them? since my estethician wont touch them, being to close to the eye? Please advise I really want to get rid of them. Thank you.

  • No one
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    I've actually had these bumps around my eyes since I was a young child and I am a male so I do not wear makeup. I am not sure what caused them but they're annoying.

  • Posted on

    As a licensed esthetician, I'd like to add something to this...sometimes the bumps are NOT milia. If a person has high cholesterol, a tell-tale sign are bumps around the eyes. They are mostly yellowish in color, but can be mistaken as white and as milia. As an esthetician I am not allowed to diagnose a condition like this, but I can recognize it and always tell my clients to see their doctors to get tested for high cholesterol. When talking about your "grandmother," since grandmother's are generally older people, you might consider having her contact her doctor, too. Hope this helps.

  • Trish
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    Has to be somewhat hereditary or from naturally occurring oils. I've never used under eye cream, much to the disgust of anyone who has ever tried to sell me products. I have also always been very careful to remove my eye makeup every day. My skin is something I've taken care of since I was a pre-teen because I always had bad acne problems and very oily skin. Neither of the reasons mentioned here fit me, but I do know my grandmother had a bad problem with this.

  • sarah
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    Can they also be hereditary? I only recently started using under eye cream (& not anything heavy) and very rarely wear makeup, and when I do I always remove it before bed. I’ve had these since I was a young teen and my mother has them as well.