Mouthwatering Moisture From A Particularly Protective Lip Balm

Somehow, it has been almost four months since I wrote up a first-hand review of a lip balm. This is entirely out of character for me. How did a whole third of a year go by without the establishment of a new balm obsession? I was really starting to get worried, but luckily, LaROCCA came through with their latest launch just as I was starting to feel the symptoms of withdrawal.

The fruity (but not candy-like) scent of the new Lip Shield SPF 8 Multi-Active Lip Balm was enough to have me hooked in just a few seconds. But as the name implies, there are multiple reasons to appreciate this light-yet-luscious formula.

Lip Shield is a treatment in every imaginable sense. Its hyaluronic acid offers serious moisture with the help of camu camu, an amino-acid-packed Amazonian fruit that helps improve the immune system and even help fight cold sores. Sea buckthorn provides 10 different vitamins and an amalgam of minerals, while L-arginine and antioxidant alpha lipoic acid make an anti-aging impact by stimulating collagen and reducing glycation, respectively. And this wouldn't be a LaROCCA formula with out their consummate component, colloidal gold, which ups the electron and ion activity to boost cell turnover.

All of these characteristics make this a real standout among lip balms, but with so much worry over a flu influx, its Lip Shield's antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties, care of mangosteen and a Brazilian botanical known as Cha de Bugre, that clinch its permanent spot in my handbag.

Well, maybe not permanent. But definitely until the end of flu season or whenever a new lip-balm obsession starts-whichever comes first.