A Lash Lengthener With Peptides Instead Of Prostaglandin

Women all over the country are seeing amazing results from Latisse, but recently, the prescription eyelash-grower has seen its fair share of backlash. (Pun absolutely intended.) Model and actress Molly Sims even stars in a viral-video spoof poking fun at its understated potential side effects.

The rare but real side effects are a result of the active ingredient prostaglandin, which has left some women reluctant to try Latisse and looking for an alternative. One option that's been getting attention-ours included-is Lash Allure MD.

Instead of prostaglandin, Lash Allure relies on a growth-stimulating pentapeptide, an absorption-maximizing triglyceride compound, and a habitat-optimizing technology to promote longer, thicker, darker eyelashes in a few weeks. Intended for twice-daily use, it was formulated to be non-irritating to the eyes and surrounding skin.

At $50, the brush-on serum is less expensive than most products that claim to enhance eyelashes, but even though their clinical trials have produced impressive statistics, Lash Allure may not offer results as dramatic as its prescription counterpart. It does, however, offer a proven option for those who aren't comfortable with prostaglandin.