A Nighttime Tonic For Morning Radiance

Looking at the box containing Jasmine Night Conditioner, we instantly assumed it was a night cream. Au contraire! It just so happens that The Organic Pharmacy is anti-night-cream, believing that sleep is a time for skin to breathe and detoxify.

Inside the box was actually a sprayable tonic that was made as a moisturizer alternative. It boasts a crystal-clear blend of jasmine, rose, witch hazel and vitamin C. Together, they help eliminate toxins, calm inflammation, and foster regeneration.

The added oxygen helps with the detoxification and contributes to how radiant you look in the morning, thanks to its ability to rejuvenate skin cells.

The only ingredient we didn't mention is water-that's really all that's in Jasmine Night Conditioner, and that's really all your complexion needs to get refreshed overnight. You may never go back to night creams again.