An Alternative To Typical Peels

When you think of peels, you probably picture acids and enzymes. But as Tammy Fender has taught us, a peel can be much gentler and just as effective.

You won't find AHAs in her amazing Epi-Peel. Instead, this purifying formula relies on a meticulous blend of spearmint, kaolin clay and several kinds of rosemary extract to remove dead skin cells. A "micro-exfoliting" mask, it helps to evacuate pores through oxygenation.

This wouldn't be a Tammy Fender product without a plethora of natural ingredients that are good for both skin and spirit, so she's included some of the most beneficial: rose hip, green tea, lemongrass, grapeseed, etc.

Your skin is left brighter and fresher, without the irritation often associated with acids. Isn't that beautiful?