Eye Gel That Communicates With Your Kidneys

Amazingly enough, Pack Your Bags They're Leaving Instant Gratification Eye Gel's title isn't the most unusual thing about this product. This Simply Divine Botanicals blend goes about ameliorating the under-eye area from a needle-free acupuncture angle.

Made with natural ingredients such as cucumber, seaweed, sea buckthorn, and essential oils of frankincense, myrrh, tangerine and lemongrass, Pack Your Bags is said to work so well due to its ability to activate a meridian-that's a vital energy pathway in acupuncture-that fortifies kidney function. This can play an important role in how tired you look.

Pack Your Bags is also enriched with vitamin E and gold, which contribute to the nourishing and de-puffing powers that foster an immediate improvement in the look and feel of the skin around your eyes.

Though you may not feel it liaising with your internal organs, the glow that seems to come from within is evidence enough of the work this gel doing.