Make New Memories With A Reflective Fragrance

The start of fall is one of the most nostalgic times of the year. It's also the perfect time to choose a new fragrance as the weather and mood change; so we think it's especially appropriate to choose one inspired by memories.

When we were introduced to Parfums DelRae, we found it hard to choose a favorite fragrance from among the San Francisco-spawned collection, but ultimately, Emotionnelle called to us with its obvious violet and melon notes. A supporting blend of well-known and unexpected elements-including tangerine, jasmine, rose, clove and prune-make this eau de parfum feel both familiar and totally fresh.

Although Emotionnelle was influenced by designer DelRae Roth's personal experience in Paris, you don't have to be a Francophile to appreciate this heartfelt fragrance. As soon you start wearing it, you can create your own memories to associate with its aroma.