Mineral Mist For Shiny, Strong Hair

When we heard about a new product called Mineral Elixir Dazzling Smoothing Oil, we got excited to try what we thought would be a healthy, glow-inducing body oil. But then we figured out that it's Redken's latest addition to the Real Control collection, making us even more enthusiastic about a formula that promises to transform the way our hair looks and feels.

Although Mineral Elixir is the last step in doing your 'do, this formula is just as much a treatment as it is a styling aid. Within the fine mist is moisture-locking, frizz-fighting shea butter and ceramides, which smooth split ends and keep them smooth through humidity-resisting technology. Proteins and cationic conditioners replenish and strengthen to fight the telltale puffiness of dry, damaged hair.

While all of this nourishment happens on the inside, Mineral Elixir leaves hair beautifully shiny and sleek on the outside. We're actually tempted to try it on our bodies, hoping for the same effect!