A Mousse To Spruce Up Your Eyebrows

Mousse isn't just for the hair on your head anymore! Blinc has reinvented the fluffy stuff for a brilliant new brow-grooming boon that will change the shape of your beauty routine.

Fountain of Youthful Color Eyebrow Mousse is a multitasking marvel that fills in sparse brows with natural-looking color. But unlike so many other brow-shading products, this doesn't cease to look lovely after just a couple hours. Its water-resistant formula means sweat and rain won't make it run until you go at it with makeup remover.

In addition to offering an ideal tint-one of six available shades will surely work for you-Eyebrow Mousse also tames and resets wonky brow hairs like a gel, so you can frame your face flawlessly. It even contains an anti-aging hexapeptide to treat the skin underneath!

Blinc has clearly given a lot of thought to their latest creation, and we're glad they did; now we can give less thought to our morning makeup regimen with such an easy solution!