A New Dawn For Your Stagnant Skin

When your skin is stuck in a rut, sometimes simply switching moisturizers is all you need to get glowing again. That's especially true if the replacement has a borderline-magical formula that draws optimum scientific potential out of nature.

Appropriately named, Daybreak Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer really wakes up your complexion by soothing, rejuvenating and protecting it.

Wai Hope has brought together a rare blend of antioxidants-acai, mangosteen, goji berry, noni and camu camu-to strengthen skin. Meanwhile, palmitoyl pentapeptide and argireline put up a formidable fight against lines and wrinkles, and western dock improves the appearance of discoloration.

But truth be told, anyone can get their hands on those ingredients. It's Wai Hope's trade secrets and exclusives that make this moisturizer such an appealing option.

Those who know the brand will brag about the remarkable Wai Hope Restructured Water, which is used in place of typical water. It contains proprietary and patent-pending red Fijian seaweed, which is believed to have health-improving powers ranging from antibacterial to anti-cancer.

Wai Hope has also created a classified cactus complex, which helps this moisturizer do its moisturizing.

Finally, all of these components get where they need to go via a unique botanically-based nano-particle delivery system.

Daybreak may seem complicated, but the reasons to use it are simple: your skin will feel the difference, and your eyes will see it.

  • Tasha
    Posted on

    I have been using Wai Hope for years! I will never use anything else it is the best! I first began using the products as a teen when my mother began using them, suggested by her doctor when she was undergoing cancer treatments. They made her poor damaged skin look far better then people without cancer! It was amazing. I don't have too many skin issues now other than dry skin and an occasional giant pimple. Wai Hope takes care of all these problems leaving my skin healthy and radiant- i honestly get compliments all the time- and I don't even wear makeup!

  • Ei1964
    Posted on

    Wai Hope saved my skin! I look younger than I have in years and I actually get mistaken for my son's Sister instead of his Mother. I use the Replenishing Mist, the cleanser-which is amazing, Eye Dew, and Tinted Taboo Del Sol for day and Serum De Hope at night, on a daily basis and have for the past several years. I now have the skin I always wanted, but could never achieve with other brands. Wai Hope is made with amazing, high quality, organic ingredients, not least of all LOVE. I am a true customer and not in anyway employed by Wai Hope. I am loyal and sing the praises of Wai Hope because their products work. Start using them today!

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