Even Men Need An Excellent Exfoliator

A woman uses her favorite high-end face scrub to brighten, decongest and smooth her complexion. There's nothing wrong with a guy wanting the same thing. In fact, they have an extra reason to exfoliate: stubble that sometimes gets stuck under the skin.

If you're tired of your man mooching your scrub, make a not-so-subtle suggestion that he buy his own, like the one from made-for-males brand Alford & Hoff.

Simply named Microdermabrasion, this thick, thoroughly sloughing preparation will have him keeping his hands on his own side of the sink.

The bulk of the exfoliating is done by magnesium oxide crystals, which are shaped like diamonds, though not nearly as abrasive. Without scratching up his skin, Microdermabrasion will help to lessen the look of lines, even out his skin tone, and free the impurities and hairs that are plugging pores.

A healthy dose of aloe, oat, cactus and samphire extracts, vitamin E and lactic acid-as well as an utter lack of girly fragrance-makes this formula feel like personalized nutrition for his complexion.

In fact, it's such a super scrub, you may even start sneaking the occasional dollop from him. (But you've earned it!)