A Slack-Attacking Serum For A Better Body

Loss of collagen and elastin leads to a loss of firmness in your face-but did you think your body could get away with keeping these proteins in place? No way! You're just as prone to sagging skin from the neck down as you are from the neck up.

Luckily, Elemis has created a serum for your body that will make your face jealous. Pro-Collagen Body Serum Intensive Lift is a sophisticated new formula that addresses slackened skin with both instant and cumulative approaches, offering especially noticeable results for your arms, butt and tummy.

Within the gel are numerous natural extracts-such as Brazil nut, bilberry, black currant, acacia, and a special kind of algae known as peacocks tail-that mingle with an anti-aging peptide and proven acids (glycolic, malic, lactic and citric) to work towards younger-looking skin all over. Meanwhile, this concentrated concoction utilizes proprietary Micro-Lattice Technology to immediately firm and lift for a sleeker silhouette. (Elemis calls it the "body stock effect.")

Even if you're a frequent exerciser, you may have found that endless reps can't change what age has done to your epidermis. Add Pro-Collagen Body Serum to your routine, however, and you could very well fool people into thinking you've discovered a wonder-workout for skin!