Should You Forego Flip-Flops?

Flip-flops are a summer staple, especially for those of us who like to show off our pedicures. But no matter how cute your flip-flops-and feet-may be, they can act as a door to some seriously sickening germs.

Recently, two New York Daily News reporters submitted their flip-flops, worn around the city for a mere four days, to microbiologist Dennis Kinney, PhD, for examination. What he found could turn anyone's foot fetish into a foot phobia.

Dr. Kinney found over 18,000 bacteria, some of which could easily cause skin infections. And while no one wants a boil, most of us would gladly take one over-say-death, which is entirely possible if staphylococcus aureus enters your bloodstream through a cut on that cute little foot of yours.

Although death by flip-flop is unlikely, this experiment may make you think twice about donning the flimsy footwear that-admit it-you already knew wasn't supportive in the first place.