Brighten Your Hair Color With A Shade-Enhancing Shampoo

I recently added auburn tones to my dark brown hair, and while I was really happy with the results, I know that at-home hair color can only make so much of a change. So, in my search to embolden the brick-redness without spending salon-service money, I found a shampoo that, instead of slowly stripping color, adds more.

Already a huge hit in France, Reflet Repigmentation Shampoo uses natural pigments from fruit and minerals to enhance hair's color, highlights and shine, whether you color-treat it or not. The once-a-week wash also deep-cleans without threatening any dye you've already deposited.

Reflet comes in six shades, but I went with Copper, which features cherry and blackberry. I admit, it's a little odd to keep shampoo in my hair for five minutes, but it's totally worth it. In just a few washings, the mahogany hues in my hair are brighter and richer.

Currently, I'm using a conditioner from a different brand, but I think my next step will be using the corresponding conditioner, Repigmentation Creme Care, for an even more dramatic intensification of color.